The Clitothèque is a collaborative website of resources about sexual pleasure.

More and more publications about vulva, clitoris and sexual pleasure are emerging everywhere. The Clitothèque is a platform listing resources that we believe to be of high quality to facilitate access to the knowledge of our time on sexuality and on bodies with vulva.

It is about time to reshape a more diverse and fulfilling collective imagination for everyone, so let’s vulvarize the world!

We would like the Clitothèque to be:

  • A space where you can find quality resources to understand, learn, have fun, re-appropriate your sexuality, etc.
  • A tool to fight against the taboos surrounding femal pleasure, so that everyone can take hold of this social issue: what kind of sexual education do we want to receive and pass on?
  • A source of norms examination about sex, especially hetero ones: the sexual construction of women is strongly determined by our phallocentric culture, where male pleasure defines the beginning and the end of sexual intercourse, where penetration is queen and consent, in the absence of desire, is a habit.
  • A platform powered by everyone! By the way, do you think of an article, a video or a book that has marked you and changed your vision of your sexuality? Come and tell us about it so it can change the lives of other people.

The Clithothèque is not:

  • An injuction to love sex
  • An orgasm injunction
  • A source of guilt
  • A handbook for the right move
  • An exhaustive list

Who are we?

At the origin of this page, we are Judith and Iris, two white, cisgendered women, in their thirties and with a mostly heterosexual sexuality. Not quite representative of the French population (even less of the world population) ! So we are counting on you to bring more diversity to this site.


Without our graphic designer, our computer scientist, our translators and all the girlfriends, friends and brothers who have helped us from the beginning, inspired us and with whom we have had endless discussions about our sexualities, this site would never have been possible. So thank you very much to them!

Legal notice and processing of personal data

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