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Normal People

Alice Birch, Mark O'Rowe, Sally Rooney

Sex and Art

Normal People is an Irish series based on the novel of the same name by author Sally Rooney. It follows the complex love affair between Marianne and Connell, two young millennials from high school in a small town in the east of Ireland to university in Dublin. Both protagonists are smart but Marianne is unpopular […]


Chewing Gum

Michaela Coel

Sex and Art

Michaela Coel is a poet, singer and writer. She adapted her own play Chewing Gum Dreams into a series of 20-minute episodes about Tracey, a naive young woman from a London suburb who wants to have her first sexual experience. In 2020, Michaela Coel is directing her second series I May Destroy You, a self-fiction […]


I Love Dick

Sarah Gubbins & Joey Soloway

Sex and Art

Adapted from the book of the same name, by Chris Kraus, I Love Dick is an American series about Chris, a married artist and director who becomes obsessed with another man, a man named… Dick. She decides to write letters to him without sending them to explore her desire. Her husband gradually integrates this artistic […]


Sophie Hasson

Sex and Testimonies

A podcast that explore all aspects of our sexuality. Each episode is articulated around a more or less broad theme (what attracts us in the body of the other, penetration, masturbation, sexting, porn, BDSM, etc.) and is mainly made up of testimonies collected by the author of the podcast (she sometimes testifies about her own […]


4 feet high

María Belén Poncio and Rosario Perazolo Masjoan

Sex and Art

In this series, we follow Juana who joins a new school and builds friendships around actions in favor of access to sexual education in an Argentinean high school. Questions of place in a group, of handicap, Juana being in a wheelchair, and of the search for her sexuality are brought together. The series being inspired […]


Anatomical charts of the vulva, clitoris and breasts

Julia Pietri

Sex and Body

Julia Pietri, the founder of Gang du Clito and the feminist publishing house Better Call Julia, has created eight instructional sheets on the anatomy of the vulva, clitoris and breasts. They are available for free in pdf format and for purchase on the Gang du Clito website in three languages: English, French and German.


Girl Sex 101

Allison Moon & KD Diamond


It is a theoretical and practical book about sexuality mainly between people with vulva. It talks about relationships, consent, body relationship but also techniques to experiment. The author, Allison Moon is a sex educator and she’s been giving workshops around the US and Canada on sexual pleasure, polyamory, LGBTQ+ issues, erotica writing for more than […]


The Great Wall of Vagina

Jamie McCartney

Sex and Art

On this site you will find all the works of the artist Jamie McCartney, an English artist who studied art in the United States and made it his full-time job. He is a very versatile artist, if you browse the site you will find both photographs and sculpture. Among all the works of Jamie McCartney, […]