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Les chemins de désir

Claire Richard

Sex and Testimonies

In 6 episodes, “Les chemins de désir” make us fumble in the erotic imagination of the author: what made it emerge, strengthen, exhaust or renew itself. With humor and poetry, she narrates the children’s images that remain in her head, the scenarios that wear out, the freely available videos that saturate her mind… An intimate […]


Your Sex Education

Conor McMillen & Brittany Taylor


This website offers explicit videos about sexual practices: cuni, blowjob, anal sex, masturbation, squirting, etc. Each video (for 14,99$) starts with an introduction where Conor & Brittany share the theory, their knowledge of the subject, their vision of the practice in question, their techniques, etc. Then they show the practice in question. Their intention is […]


History of female ejaculation from ancient China to nowadays

Stéphanie Haerdle

Sex and Politics

This book follows the cultural and political history of female ejaculation elsewhere and in other times. A real dive into the ancient texts of other cultures where female pleasure is meticulously described. Celebrated in ancient China and then in India, female ejaculation is considered as something obvious in sexuality, and in female pleasure. But later […]


The Hite report

Shere Hite

Essentials | Sex and Testimonies | Sex'ploration

The Hite report is often considered as a work that revolutionized women’s sexuality. It was released in 1976 and the state of knowledge about women’s sexuality was, to say the least, small.It was the report that brought the importance of the clitoris back to the forefront at a time when “clitoral” pleasure was still considered […]

Colette se confesse


Sex and Porn

Colette se confesse is a (sometimes) erotic podcast in french with different kind of episodes: stories explicitly designed to create excitement, pieces of erotic poetry, slices of life more or less crazy.

The Heart on the table

Victoire Tuaillon


Le cœur sur la table (The Heart on the table) is a french podcast produced by Solène Moulin, written and hosted by Victoire Tuaillon, journalist and author, in which she reflects on the new forms of relationships and love that are possible today, between friends, parents and lovers, outside or alongside the norms of the […]


Our Bodies, Ourselves

Boston Women's Health Book Collective

Miscellaneous | Sex and Politics

Our Bodies, Ourselves is a feminist classic. This updated edition of the book, first published in 1973 in the United States is a multidimensional object: it includes anatomical charts, first-person stories, sociological considerations and militant assertions of the right to dispose of one’s body. This new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves includes the latest vital […]


My name is Clitoris

Daphné Leblond et Lisa Billuart Monet

Sex and Testimonies

Twelve women in their twenties are interviewed about their experiences at the beginning of their sexuality, their relationship with their bodies and the unknowns that may still exist, especially about the clitoris. The documentary shows the lack of knowledge and sexual education in today’s society and how important it is to be able to talk […]