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Patrick Muroni

Sex and Art | Sex and Porn

Over a 3-year period, this documentary follows a group of young women and queer people in their twenties as they embark on the direction and production of pornographic films, with the aim of making ethical, positive films that represent sexualities and bodies in all their diversity. We follow them behind the scenes of their productions, […]


Sex and the series

Iris Brey

Sex and Art

This book by French director, author and film critic Iris Brey examines female sexuality in recent American series. Her essay is divided into four chapters: Speech and Sex, Pleasure, Violence and Queer. It explores the new patterns and ways of looking at these series, recounting the singularity of women’s experience. Her TEDx talk “How Game […]


Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Sophie Hyde & Katy Brand

Sex and Art

This British sex comedy-drama written, directed and performed by three women, starring Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack, takes place in a hotel room where Nancy, a recently widowed pensioner, meets a sex worker on a few occasions after experiencing a less-than-fulfilling sex life in her marriage. Nancy discovers her body and her pleasure, and Nancy […]

Living without sexuality – La série documentaire

Ovidie & Tancrède Ramonet

Sex and Politics

This series deals with an often taboo subject in sexuality, the absence of sexuality. It is about abstinence, asexuality and also about the political dimension that the absence of sexual practice implies, especially for women.


The Mystery Box Show (True Stories All About Sex)

Reba Sparrow & Eric Scheur

Sex and Testimonies

For more than 10 years, in Portland (Origon), The Mystery Box Show has provided a stage for people to tell a true story about sexuality and gender in a short format. The podcast of the same name gathers the stories in audio form as well as bonus episodes.

Free From Desire – How asexuality freed me

Aline Laurent-Mayard

Essentials | Sex and Testimonies

In a french podcast of 8 episodes, Aline Laurent-Mayard shares how, after having questioned herself for a long time about love, her relationships and unsuccessful sexual relationships, she discovered asexuality and aromanticism and how this notion has opened up a whole range of new relational possibilities for her.

Sexe Oral

Lysandre Nadeau & Joanie Grenier

Sex and Testimonies

The Sexe Oral podcast tackles different aspects of sexuality in a relaxed way through a one-hour discussion with a guest. It is hosted by Lysandre Nadeau and Joanie Grenier, who both work in the sex industry in Quebec. Their guests are also regularly professionals: sex workers, masseurs, dancers, actresses and other media personalities who share […]


Éléphantine veut tout savoir sur sa zézette

Natacha de Locht & Laurent… Carpentier

Sexuality and Parenting

It is a book for children from 5-6 years old, light-hearted and educational, which tells the story of how a girl discovers the pleasurable sensations that the clitoris can provide and how her grandmother answers her questions on this subject. Natacha de Lotch has also written a second book “Renardo”, which focuses on the discovery […]